Navigator Ultra 360 Navigation / Strobe Lights


Navigator Ultra 360 navigation lights for LSA and Experimental aircraft. With integrated rear position and strobe lights. 12 Volt.


Our lights are made for LSA and Experimental aircraft. They are compact, water tights and very rugged due to the monolithic construction. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards by AvioLights in Europe.

All Navigator Ultra 360 are equipped with very bright CREE LEDs.

We deliver the lights with our distributor specific, complete mounting kit which allows to install the lights either with a screw and a nut or a nutplate. The kit includes these components:
  • 2x Navigator Ultra 360, red and green
  • 2x silicone gasket with elevated rims
  • 2x #6 x 1-3/4″ screw
  • 2x #6 oversized washer
  • 2x #6 nut
  • 2x # nutplate
  • 4x rivet 3/32″, for an overall thickness of 0.032″-0.125″
  • 4x rivet 3/32″, for an overall thickness of  0.126″-0.25″
  • 1x drill template with integrated markers for easy alignment
Navigation light YES (red/green)
Rear position light YES (white)
Strobe light YES (white)
Voltage range 11,8 V – 14,8 V
Weight (2 lamps) 6.7 oz
Operation temperature range – 31°F to + 140°F
Current – navigation light (2 lamps) 0,5 A
Current – strobe light (2 lamps) 2,8 A in peak
Input power – navigation light (2 lamps) 6,0 W
Input power – strobe light (2 lamps ) 29 W in peak
Navigation light angle 110°
Rear position light angle 140°
Nav/Pos light luminosity (per lamp) 600 lm
Strobe light luminosity (per lamp) 1000 lm
Encapsulation Monolith of UV resistant epoxy resin
Strobe control unit Lamp built in
Reverse polarity protection YES
Length 95 mm / 3.75 in
Width 40 mm / 1.58 in
Height 27 mm / 1.07 in


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